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The year 2010 is again the year of Galicia. A Holy Jacobean year loaded with cultural activities and all types of events that will fulfill the needs and desires of pilgrims and visitors. Since more than 800 years ago Compostela has a singular privilege granted by the popes of Rome, and is that every year in which the name day of St. James the Apostle fall on Sunday, the plenary indulgence for the forgiveness of the punishment that they deserve our sins may win in the Cathedral of Compostela. To win the Jubilee, it will not be necessary to make the way. It is enough to visit the Cathedral where the Mayor keeps the tomb of Santiago in Holy year, praying a prayer for the intentions of the Pope, as well as confession and communion any day between 15 days before or after the visit.

It is recommended to attend the Holy Mass. Religious services are held in the Cathedral from 07: 30 in the morning, the being the 12: 00 mass which is dedicated to the Pilgrim and when you can see in action the “botafumeiro”. The word “botafumeiro” is Galician and means literally smoke spreader. It’s a large censer that runs through the central nave of the temple suspended a mechanism of pulleys requiring action at least of 8 men to make it oscillate. The great human concentration that meets in the Cathedral became necessary, since centuries ago, the intervention of some type of artifact that would easily purify your indoor air. Also you can be requested to the Cabildo of the Cathedral an extraordinary exhibition of the Botafumeiro prior donation of 300.

It is customary to also pass through the door Santa of the Cathedral, as a symbol of redemption and the gateway to a new life. Except at times of mass, pilgrims can fulfill the hug the Apostle as an expression of the realization of the promise made to Santiago to visit his tomb and venerate his relics. Originally, the Holy door was not input but output. According to the primitive custom, the Cathedral acts as a catalyst for a process of change and conversion. The first pilgrims entered the Temple through the West door (the Portico de la Gloria) symbolizing the end of the road and a stage of their lives. After stay in the Cathedral, the timely sacraments and down to the crypt housing the tomb of the Apostle, pilgrims came by the Holy door, located behind the greater Altar, facing the rising of the Sun, thus symbolizing the beginning of a new life. From Masqueunviaje.com we could not miss the opportunity to offer some plan travel to Santiago de Compostela, to make your visit and that you can enjoy the compostelan atmosphere and of course the grace of the Jubilee. The Xacobeo Galicia proposal includes lodging in Santiago and full day excursion (bus + guide + lunch) to the Rias Bajas or Cape Finisterre so that you enjoy both the natural beauty of Galicia. An alternative plan is the trip in train Xacobeo Single. A tour in a beautiful historic train, carefully restored, and exclusively reserved for singles. The route follows the North Road that links Bilbao with Compostela, where a feast will take place among all travelers. The Jacobean with friends is more than a journey.

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