German Translation

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Quality management of translations international secure translations, it is difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat. To find a translation company that guarantees a high quality of translations does, is difficult and time consuming. A seal of approval will help! In January, the international translation company of EVS translations has the certifications according to ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 15038 standard by TuV Rheinland receive. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. The DIN EN 15038 is an international quality standard for translation companies, establishing clear criteria for achieving and assessing quality in translation services for their suppliers and their customers alike. To obtain the certification, EVS translations has undergone a nearly year-long process, in which TuV Rheinland tested at sites Leverkusen, Munich, Berlin, Offenbach, whether the internal work processes guarantee an optimal order processing and ensure the quality of the translations. Since many parties in a Translation their procedures of more stringent requirements are involved, as E.g. For more specific information, check out Ken Kao. project management, translator and proofreader, require, so that communication is always targeted.

EVS translations is often carried out the coordination across multiple sites and is therefore a daily challenge. The audit revealed that meets the quality assurance of EVS translations of international standards, all translations after the 4-eye principle are made and permanently ensure the internal processes a high customer satisfaction. We are pleased about the certification and beyond, a prestigious organization such as the TuV Rheinland confirms our years of work to maintain the quality of the translations, this stamp of approval”, says Edward Vick, founder and Managing Director of EVS translations. EVS translations (www.evs-translations.com) was established by Edward Vick in 1991 and has more than four international locations in Atlanta, Sofia, Paris and Nottingham as well as four German Translation agencies in Germany.


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