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The new album by Gottfried Wurcher – so I am on the 29th January 2010 it was time. The album “I am” by Gottfried Wurcher appeared in the trade. For the frontman of the Austrian success band Nockalm Quintet was a long-cherished wish to produce a solo album that is straight out of all his own pen. In the context of the long-term renewal of the Nockalm Quintet end of 2009 therefore it was decided together with Koch universal music a solo project by Gottfried Wurcher with in the contract. Top priority at the two-year production was to present an album that brings the different musical sides of musician Gottfried Wurcher in its rich diversity to the fore: the typical Schlager style, rock-themed title until hin to unplugged produced title.

Presented attractively and with lots of feeling, the first song on “Lighthouse” invites equal the Viewer, to engage on an album that is enchanted magical images and musical sophistication with a lot. In addition, the solo project is one thing above all: surprise and convince – and on all along the line. Including the first single “You’ve always believed in me”. The song revolves around the topic of relationship and strong and honest emotions and at the same time the good mood, which raises particular emotion: the lust for more. And with 15 brand new tracks – all penned by the master personally – it should be no problem, to meet this request. A musical highlight of the album is certainly “You only live once, Mary Ann”, a song that will give a great deal of courage, confidence and zest for life every man with a broken heart “one like you that remains not long alone.

Give a chance your luck.” And who, the first great love is back, the can agree only with a smile of the line “The world will turn still”… Also, a single candidate is the poignant song “I got home grade, when she went”. It’s a rousing song, which illustrates how scary fast through a relationship Misconduct and carelessness can break. With “God created the woman” to humorous elements is used as complete content comparison. The influence of women on the men’s world is illustrated here with guitar solos and polyphonic singing in the chorus with a wink musical like “he invented the shopping center and made her very happy. His world was not so grey, because God created the woman.” A title that complements the range of musical highlights on the album with security to another. “Love kiss the tears away” and titled “Car radio” tangy, Gottfried Wurcher proves that he is his man with his voice in the terrain of the country tinged music. Whether as here cheerful or rather quiet balladic like in the song “Give me the feeling” with a beautiful soprano saxophone – shows Gottfried Wurcher when the entire wealth of musical diamonds in absolute top form. Like never before “I am” is also his vocal versatility to full advantage. Musical wealth, great emotions, music to the Dream, smile, dance with. The solo project “I’m so” takes all the account. With this exceptional album, brilliantly implemented the desire of Gottfried Wurchers, with great passion and passion once musically as a solo instrument to settle out, and leaves a fantastic result.

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