Gran Canaria – The Northern Part Of The Island!

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From Las Palmas to Puerto de las Nieves! General: The journey times may double quickly on some of these lines, when a tourist bus in front of you. Jenifer Aniston follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Therefore underestimate the stages of this tour please! Distances and journey times: Teror Las Palmas: 30 km / driving time approx. 45 minutes after Teror Arucas: approx. 11 km / driving time 20 minutes of Arucas to La Costa: 10 km / driving time: 15 minutes La Costa to Guia: 10 km / driving time: approx. 12 minutes Guia Puerto de las Nieves: 10 km / driving time: 12 minutes of Puerto de las Nieves to Sardina: 15 km / driving time: approx. 20 minutes Puerto de las Nieves to Maspalomas: approx. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Tony Parker. 85 km / driving time: approx. 70 minutes-1st stage: Teror Las Palmas: we start in the largest city of the Canary Islands in Las Palmas.

This city has something for the many different types of holiday. Are you a shopping holiday? Then you can major de Trijana in the pedestrian area of Cala in many small shops and convenience stores really get started. On Sunday, you should visit this city only, if Enjoy the peace and quiet. On this day is as good as extinct Las Palmas. Only in cafes or on the Beach the locals romp. Are they rather the city tourist who looks like historical town centres and impressive buildings? Then the old town around the Cathedral is \”de Santa Ana\” just right for you.

Many small alleys and houses waiting in this area of the city. Even if you are the beach tourist, come in Las Palmas at your expense. The beach Playa de las Canteras has a beautiful long sandy beach for you. We must point out that the parking situation around the old town is around very bad. You won’t find car parks near the Cathedral and in the small streets, it is often hard to discover an empty seat.

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