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HERBALIFE: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Prepared by the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board of Herbalife. 1 – WHAT IS HERBALIFE Herbalife is a scientifically formulated nutritional program based on high quality nutrients, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, herbs and reduced calories.It centers around the delicious nutritional shake, which is a concentrated food low calorie and high nutrient that serves as a meal replacement if you want to lose weight and as additional food in order to sustain or increase the weight. The Herbalife program has been used by literally millions of people around the world to control their weight and improve their health since 1980. It is also widely used by athletes to increase muscle mass, for children and adolescents to improve their growth and sick people who want to be excellently nourished. 2 – ONE LOSES WEIGHT FOR SKIP MEALS No. The program reduced calorie Herbalife encourages participants to eat three meals a day. Two standard meals are replaced by nutritious and well balanced nutritional drink and the third meal is made to your own choice. Diets which require people to skip meals are harmful and stimulate binge eating. With Herbalife does not have to stop eating those favorite foods. Remember, not a diet Herbalife is a nutrition program. 3 – HERBALIFE IS A DIET OF “liquid protein” or a diet that starves Definitely not! Herbalife is neither of those things. The Herbalife program provides at least 1,000 calories daily and is nutritionally complete so that people can lose weight safely and effectively and, equally important, keep the weight off. The diets of “liquid protein” drinks made with poorly balanced protein, or per diem that “starve” (less than 700 calories per day) are an attack on the health of their practitioners. Also, those who practice this type of diet repeatedly increasingly find it difficult to lose weight because your body is being assaulted and tested at not receiving the necessary nutrients and so few calories. 4 – HOW DOES HERBALIFE Herbalife supplies all the balanced nutrients your body needs daily.Those who wish may lose excess weight by reducing excess calories without sacrificing important nutrients like protein, potassium, iron and vitamins. The result is that they feel the best way possible while losing excess weight and inches. It’s great for increasing muscle mass of athletes while reducing your body fat percentage. In the case of children, pregnant women and sick, the Herbalife program is ideal for improving the nutritional status of those who consume it. 5 – HERBALIFE IS “NATURAL” The Herbalife program is based entirely on nutritional and herbal ingredients. The program contains no drugs, medications, hormones or other synthetic agents to lose weight all the ingredients of the Herbalife program must fulfill three important conditions: purity, potency and stability. That’s how it maintains the high level of quality associated with the Herbalife name. 6 – WHAT CAUSES THE FEELING OF INCREASED ENERGY Is caffeine Weight loss and increased energy that causes Herbalife are the results of its scientifically balanced nutritional formula.

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