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DELO presents anaerobic universal adhesive Windach, 06 June 2013: the industrial adhesive manufacturer DELO has developed an anaerobic-curing all-rounder: the in-house produced, innovative DELO-ML UB160 convinced in a variety of metal bonding and sealing machines, plant and automotive with extensive features. Due to its versatility, such as screws and threaded fuses, for the bonding of magnets and ferrite in electric motors and shaft-hub connections, the high-tech adhesive is the ideal complement of the DELO ML product family. The a-component universal adhesive cures in just a few minutes anaerobic, i.e. under oxygen conclusion, and in conjunction with metal ions. Also, is the product of the DELO ML especially highly viscous series and thus also suitable for applications where the adhesive should not flow like stick-on magnet on a shaft or stators.

In the usual temperature range of – 60 C up to + 180 C has the high strength adhesive excellent bonding strength on. The innovative material shows Additionally a very good chemical resistance for example engine compartment media such as oil, petrol or diesel. The new UB160 DELO-ML is available in the sizes 50, 200 and 600 grams. About DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich. In the last fiscal year to 31.03.2013, 350 employees generated a turnover of 51.7 million euros. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific sectors of the electronics to the smart cards and automotive industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens. DELO has a network of worldwide offices and resellers.

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