Main Export Estonia’s

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Main Export Estonia‘s main exports are machinery, electronic range, timber and textiles. The tourist trade and transit also makes important contributions to the economy, growing at a rate of 11 per annum and now accounts for 7 of GDP. Finland and Sweden are among the most important partners of Estonia on trade, investment and tourism. Estonia continues to be what the IMF describes as “outstanding performer among the transition economies”, guarded by a bilateral commission that ensures strong and stable growth, international payments, monetary stability and economic transparency.The system manages Estonia’s stock through OMHEX, which controls the giant Baltic exchanges in Tallinn, Helsinki and Nokia, are also joint computer security since May 2001 Despite the improvement, Estonia still has a long way to become part of the club of highly developed European countries, however, the way you use is appropriate, Estonia’s main priorities now are to reduce their unemployment rate, increase productivity and make their country a great magnet sector investment both in financial and tech sectors.

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