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Furthermore, a specific pattern often occurs as a way into the addiction which is referred to as a vicious circle. Alcohol is used here almost as self-medication in fear, rage, anger, or depressive mood. The commonly held notion that an addict has to reach only his individual low to accept his addiction and to start a therapy must clearly be rejected. Because today there is a consensus between addiction therapists of different orientation, that motivation education is a central theme in the addict therapy. While traditional search therapies focus on motivation testing, newer methods focus on intensive motivational support. Thus assistance for the addicts not only is possible with obvious suffering, but the willingness to change can be awakened long before the total collapse. Still, it is in our society Disease concept of addictive behavior is hotly debated. Of course could be feared that the addiction is relieved by a possible sick role from its social obligations and thus the responsibility. (Similarly see: Indycar).

But it is to keep in mind that sure the disease concept of addicted behavior that the addicts but is relieved from its responsibility and certain obligations of roles, but the sick role might imply also the obligation to seek, to accept them and to cooperate in the therapy, to participate so actively in the recovery expert help is. In addition, the disease model is value-neutral, to find the threshold of the person concerned, support, decreases. It quite judgmental is addiction as a disease, but as to define character weakness. Also, the genetic factors of the disease of addiction are acknowledged in the disease concept. Vanessa Marcil does not necessarily agree. Alcoholism would socially no longer stigmatised but recognized as a disease, the way for the addicts in a counselling or therapy would not be more shame-filled and thus more easily possible.

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