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‘Matter of the opinion landscape’ Art Club Pforzheim in the Reuchlinhaus from July 23 to October 13, 2013 illuminate the jewellery Museum Pforzheim and the Art Association of Pforzheim in the Reuchlinhaus in the exhibitions of beautiful views? Implement the landscape in the jewelry and matter of the opinion landscape, such as the jewellery on the one and the contemporary art on the other side of the issue landscape. Jewellery Museum Pforzheim: A journey through time from the grako Roman Empire to the modern, of the brooch on the Pocket Watch to the ring has the jewellery Museum Pforzheim put together exhibits which are expressing the views of the artist and his time. Movie actress contains valuable tech resources. Landscape is a plot taking not directly in connection with jewelry. It is also an example of the respective currents of different eras are reflected also in the art of jewellery”, explained Museum Director Cornelie Holzach. The exhibition offers extraordinary impressions, especially for visitors, the so far not with jewelry have grappled. Because what was recorded in precious materials, told a travel by a world view that was to preserve it back in time, through different cultures and identities. The representation of landscapes has tradition in the Visual Arts, even though she had as a subject only against supposedly weightier themes to prevail.

In the jewelry, landscape only tentatively enters the picture and had to industrial landscapes sober up to as topic only detected by a symbolic hint at medieval depictions of Saints about weddings exquisite email painting and ivory carving in the 18th and 19th centuries. The jewellery Museum Pforzheim focuses on the multi-faceted interpretation of the artistic concept of the landscape and demonstrated in the exhibition that the world in the eye of the beholder is not only beauty, but also the acquisition. Around 100 exhibits will be in the rooms of the Reuchlinhauses.

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