National Council

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The same incompatibilities affect them. His appointment is subject to requirements and procedures identical to those of the judiciary in their respective category members.; in this sense, both judges and prosecutors have been stepped on a same adjective, to determine as judges, as it is the National Council of the judiciary who gives his appointment so that they can exercise their functions according to article 150 of the Constitution of the Peru. However, for history of law the qualification of magistrate only was reserved to judges and not to members of the public prosecutor, because it is determined that judges are generally officials who make up the higher courts of Justice, as the Supreme Court of a country.

It is sometimes called judge all that judge forming part of a collegiate body or court, making mention of a higher rank within the hierarchy. In a broader sense, the person who occupies a public office of the judiciary also is named. In this regard, the judges are called judges.1 Understanding this condition and according to our system will assume that both judges and prosecutors can be understood in the adjective of judges, only for a better development of the topic; However, it is necessary to determine for the members of the judiciary and the public prosecutor’s Office, both need a quality personal and professional profile, already that both will develop that make the right in as for the more legitimate form of dispute resolution, issue that we will develop through the next few lines..

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