National Week

by yudaica2013 ·

Current situation on Sunday.-over the centuries, the life of the Church has been closely linked to the rhythm marked by the celebration of Sunday. In recent decades, the society has opened to new cultural and social horizons these conquests socio cultural have coincided with a notable decrease in religious practice on Sunday. Society has suffered dramatically transformations that have changed the habits of individuals and groups. Sunday’s celebration was affected by these and other changes, for example: weekend. Many people leave out the Friday afternoon, created because some situations that you should study and deepen. Until not too long ago, Sunday was the day religious quintessential family went to mass, is dressed in holiday, two aspects were inseparable, as two sides of the same coin.

Today the religious and profane, are moved to different orbits. The new conditions of work and rest, the culture of leisure, and the civilization of well-being, sport, and the exodus from the cities, influence of direct way in the life of believers, all these phenomena affect the celebration on Sunday. For the majority of men and women on Sunday is a day devoid of sense, justified they toan only by the need for rest and fun. Sunday for some decades, is part of a free time, which today elapses between the afternoon him Friday at the Sunday afternoon. The day of the Lord has lately experienced a transformation, is no longer the first day of the week, but Sunday is the end of the weekend. In this perspective, Sunday is considered as the end of the liberation of work, relaxation and evasion, mode and fun, instead of being cheerful and festive day of the week, is the advance payment, the daily concerns and daily work which will restart the next day. It tends to be for many the end of the free time. Currently the Weekend, is overshadowing the Christian Sunday. Follow others, such as Jorge Perez, and add to your knowledge base.

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