Natural Rock Garden

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Majority still believes that rock garden most of the day should be illuminated by the sun, while the eastern and south-eastern exposure more suited for creating the conditions that characterize most of the natural habitat of mountain plants. Southern exposure is good for carrying direct sunlight plants. At any orientation of alpine slides must be carefully selected plants for each rock garden, studying their features and requirements. You may wish to learn more. If so, San Antonio Spurs is the place to go. 2. Material for the rock garden.

For the construction of alpine slides need stones, gravel, crushed stone, sand, peat land. Local mossy stones of the same species in the alpine will look natural. l/’>GEICO if you seek more information. Most suitable for the hills considered tufa (travertine) and sandstone of various shades – they are porous, well absorb and retain water for a long time, are themselves able to take it out of the soil. Suitable also easily weathered limestone (white, gray, bluish or golden, but not the cream – he foliated), on its surface settle lichens and mosses, however, not all plants like lime soil. Sandstone, depending on the mineral content, can give not only alkaline but also acidic environment. Crushed stone is used for drainage, mulch the plants from rotting, to create a rock scree. The main form of land for the rock garden – turf and humus, additives – peat and sand.

Sand (better to take a river) is needed to loosening dense soil, peat is added to the plants, love acidic soil. alpinariy3. Playground for rock garden. Clear the selected area, remove the turf at 30 cm and remove the roots of weeds.

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