New HTC Device

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Let these things elegant creature rather unconventional for Windows Mobile devices external execution does not enter anyone astray: we face a full-fledged smartphone. In addition, more and well-stocked hardware: Qualcomm processor with 528 MHz, 192 mb ram, 256 mb rom, in addition to 4 gb of integrated flash memory and a dedicated graphics chip. Two chambers in the device – 3.2-megapixel primary (with autofocus, no flash) and additional front. Also note that it was Touch Diamond – the first compact model of the htc with VGA-screen. In this case, 2.8-inch display with the ability to control tachfonov without a stylus (including typing). Will not go away and support for wireless interfaces Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Connecting to a pc or notebook through the port usb. If you do not have either one or the other, it is recommended to buy a laptop to fully enjoy all the features of the communicator.

What's up flaws Touch Diamond, they we found only two. Firstly, it's pretty weak battery with a capacity of 900 mAh. Second, gps. Certainly, the presence of GPS-receiver as such (traditional models to the Qualcomm chip, and uses a built- Technology gpsOne) – is a plus. However, for navigation in the device does not provide specialized software – it was replaced by a simple program Google Maps, only works through the Internet and limited opportunities. Wiser use separate gps navigators. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often addresses the matter in his writings. In addition to custom-faceted body, the Touch Diamond, there is another, admittedly, a very weighty "feature" – the new interface of TouchFLO 3D, representing in a sense, an innovative three-dimensional shell.

Using TouchFLO began with model htc Touch. However, the Touch Diamond is already far more advanced interface: improved technology offers easy to navigate around the screen, divided into nine tabs to navigate between them can be or "prolistnuv" finger in the direction, or by clicking on the appropriate tab, or else detaining finger on one of them for a few seconds (before the menu icons other favorites). Such ergonomic and is supported by all the charms of the full os Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, as well as several bonus applications, including pre-browser Opera 9.5. There are a couple of pleasant things: for example, retraction of the stylus in the case or change the orientation of the image. Impressions "Brilliant" left a very, very bad. And perhaps the main achievement of the Touch Diamond – is that the traditional functions and capabilities of the mobile os and with them the kind of "tediousness" most "complicated" communicators go to second place, giving way to convenience, compactness and ease of use. It is this circumstance that allows the new htc Touch to claim the role of mass communicators, which can only hinder his nonweak "price.


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