Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera

by yudaica2013 ·

Until the former defence Minister of President Zelaya, who was ousted by disobeying a direct order from the President, calls for the speedy restoration of the constitutional President of Honduras. Not even the Pharisees of power in Honduras, are in accordance with this immense betrayal to the people and to its Chairman. They are now scared and fearful so CAMES up morally, ethically and judicially. Despues, Jesus said to Peter:-Pedro, listens well. Satan has sought permission to God to put difficult tests to all you, and God has been it. Simon Pagenaud oftentimes addresses this issue. But I ask God to help you to keep you strong.

You are going to leave me alone for awhile, but then you change. When that happens, you will help your teammates so that they always be faithful to mi. (Jesus in Luke) The village is on the streets of Honduras demanding the return of their President. The sad thing is that also the army and police of honduras are in the street, repressing the people which they left and defending the interests of the powerful. Defending those who are offended because President Zelaya, would one day bring dignity to his people, especially the poorest.

Think about this: who is most important: who is seated at the table or who serves the food? It is that is considered most important that is sitting at the table not true? However, to see that I, the master, I have served food to all of you. (Jesus in Luke) The gorillas are lifted in Honduras with a poor trial of coup d ‘ etat, thinking they were going to lift the sympathies of the Empire and of the Governments of right in Latin America. Forgot Latin America changed forever, that is no longer allowed no chance of returning to the past. Here the dreams of the oligarchy and the terrorist right of our continent, die here dies his hypocrisy of pretending that they are democratic forces. The coup in Honduras, revealed the fascist face of our right-wing parties, they have not come to condemn the military coup of Micheletti and Romeo Vasquez, the few who did so could not conceal the satisfaction felt internally. Await the miracle that someone of the Bolivarian armed forces of Venezuela to lift up against Chavez. They yearn for the time to go out and attack the Bolivarian circles and all neighbor or neighbor that has been identified with Chaves in these ten years of revolution. Jesus was speaking still when it came Judas, one of the twelve disciples. With him came many men. Judas is He came to kiss Jesus. But Jesus said to him: Judas! Do I traicionas unto me, son of man with a Kiss? (Jesus in Luke) Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera. Maracaibo – Venezuela.

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