Over time, this

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In 1975 the company acquired La Lupa Assoc in the city of Luque the necessary land to start building the Loma Palma Construction, so he hires workers and architects to realize the construction of at least 500 homes . The following year, 1976, begin to pave the 100 of the streets of the village, this process took almost the whole year. The place also had to have electricity and running water, it took shape in 1977, when several houses were inhabited by new owners. In 1978, completed the works and all the houses were sold thanks to the publicity in the newspapers of the time. By then Palma Loma was the largest Luque urbanization in terms of size, construction and services (electricity, water, etc). The center of Luque and surroundings were the only areas of town that had electricity and running water at a time.That’s why Palm Hill was a neighborhood modern and advanced at that time and also for the fine brick houses with those exceptions, because outside the neighborhood was all forest and field, the few houses were wooden and had very distanced from one another, since it was country and of course had no electricity, running water or modern bathroom. These popular areas used for latrines and water consumption had the artesian well.

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