Panhandle Coin and Gun

by yudaica2013 ·

Passersby walked down the sidewalk in front of the small shop. ‘Panhandle Coin and property loan Gun’ was a clean place, decorated with framed prints of famous gold coins, and taxidermied mule deer, pheasants, and two big jackrabbits. Podcast: http://www.beyondutopia.net/podcasts/panhandlecoin.mp3 ‘Where’s your jackalope” Tinguely smiled. The coin dealer laughed. ‘A coyote was the best I could do,’ he said. An entire stuffed coyote was perched on a stock market stand on the western wall. A rubber rattlesnake and a spray of creosote adorned the base of the stand. lenders It should have been garish, but was not. ‘Coyotes cash loans are good. Tricksters are always good. Jackalopes are better, though,’ she said. Her hands felt a bit sticky from the SPF 45 skin protection cream stock quotes she had applied a few business loans moments before. She was trying to protect her skin the best she could. ‘That would make quite a trophy,’ he said. ‘Pure fantasy, you know.’ ‘Sure. Fantasy is what inspires the hunt in the investment banking first place,’ said Tinguely. ‘Let me go into banks the safe and get what you wanted to car loans see,’ said the coin dealer. analyst Tinguely nodded. Her gaze shifted stock quote automatically to the television screen. wall street Two talking heads were utterly fascinated financial news by each other’s insights into the economy. ‘It was a classic boom-bust cycle. loans Most people get in at the tail-end of the boom. So, there are always a lot of late-comers. They were, of course, the major part of the body count. The late-comers lost big. Greed kills.’ ‘Yes. At that point, there’s nothing to lending do except to get out the pliers. financial services Pull the gold fillings from the corpses.’ The program went to commercial break. Tinguely focused on the business at hand. She had been commanded career by stock prices her father to buy gold. The stock bank loans market was firmly in bear territory. Bonds were weak. Banks were sector failing. ‘Gold. banking software It’s the only thing that holds up,’ her dad said. ‘It’s the best protection.’ Tinguely did not agree. Gold was the accountant one thing that stock symbol pushed people over banking jobs the edge. It was not liquid. People are buying luxury condos at Barton Place condominiums where there are great particularly Barton Place condominiums in Austin, Texas You couldn’t eat it. People wanted to steal banking it. But, she had to do personal loans her dad’s bidding. She had agreed to it, after all. stocks The gold coin dealer was explaining the benefits of the new Canadian Maple Leaf .99999 fine gold coins. Tinguely was not paying attention. All she could think of was the image of a financial business loan planner with pliers in his hand, pulling the fillings from his poor chump client who jumped and landed on the sidewalk several floors down from their posh offices. The talking head on the left side of the screen smiled sweetly. ‘Do you remember Drake Management’ car loan The San Francisco-based hedge fund’ They lost millions nasdaq of dollars in one cash loan week — their hedge funds hurt them. They also had traditional fixed income funds.’ The talking head on the right side of unsecured loans the screen looked deeply into the eyes of the financial advisor left-hand head. ‘Oh yes, I do remember that.’ Sigh.

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