Plan Goals

by yudaica2013 ·

If the target is quite large, the path to it must be divided into parts, because your brain refuses to believe that this is achievable for you. Frequently Jorge Perez has said that publicly. For example, You have identified a goal and set its duration by age 5. Then you break the 5 years on parts for the 1st year and define goals for each year. Then take the first year and divide it into 12 pieces and define goals for each month. Further each month, divide into four parts and define goals for each week. And finally, take the 6 days of each week and determine the daily goal. Thus, your great aim will be divided into small steps. Your consciousness with easily perceive it as something very real.

When I first ordered your goals, shattering them into small pieces, then it suddenly became clear and understandable, but to all of this was seen as a vague, vague. I did not expect, how easier to operate, with everything painted on paper. You do not need to think about how you will achieve a great goal. Just doing these small steps, step by step, you will certainly get close to it. It is important to write everything down on paper. Only the most successful people write down their goals on paper and re-read them regularly. Such people only 3%! If you do, you will put yourself to the most elite in these layers are the most successful people.

Write down all the detail and not anywhere to forget dates. When writing goals, you need to write as if all this is a fait accompli. Write everything in the affirmative, this time starting with the pronoun “I”. The record should be no negatives and negative particles, are only positive. These records include your superconscious and unconsciously, you will begin to attract into your life people and events that will help you reach your goal. In general, more imagination and details, it will help your mind to take this information as real. Action Plan. Well, the ground has already been done! You define your goals, set deadlines and all that written down. Now the important thing not to forget to plan their action. Such a plan you need to be able to track your progress toward the goal. You must clearly state what you are doing in the first place, that then and after that. When you produce such a plan, divided into small segments of time, you will see that the way to a big goal starts with quite a little effort. Usually, this paltry sum needed revenue, which the consciousness of any person can easily perceive as real. With detailed plan, tied to your goals, you will clearly see the path to the target. The plan is very important! Failure to plan – a plan fails! You can just plan your success. In conclusion, I want to draw Your attention to an important point. Many people set goals, write them down on paper, make plans, but take no action. If you lie on the couch and do nothing, then you’ve nowhere nothing get. The sooner you begin to act, the more you will have the chance of success. Get your act right now and do not even think of a possible failure. And then success will certainly will come to you.


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