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That means that there is not necessarily the step number 1, then 2, nor thought that serious key have a charismatic leader, the definitive creation of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard was not the oscilloscope for audio or Pocket Calculator, was the company Hewlett Packard and the HP way with this We can say that they applied the phrase build watches, does not give the time. All this is achieved by people who composed these companies is to say a company cannot be highly visionary with a series of mediocre individuals to head, these companies were visionaries organizational ideals and human values-based i.e. is a watch with spirit, non clear limited to being only idealistic or just pragmatic if not who have managed to live with the duality of these conceptsAs says f. Scott Fitzgerald a first intelligence test is the ability of hosting in mind two ideas contrary to a time and however retain the ability to function this is what precisely the visionary companies can do. Consequently employees of such companies are carving that it since at the moment they are first selected this willing to change internal rules and little by little become involved with philosophy, given constant and useful training to develop their work but above all that make them achieve such human transcendence that makes the difference in each one of its members, gradually achieving the development of habits and skills that require his team to be prepared for the challenges of the company, all this becomes a way of life that transcends to the family nuclei and thus strengthens the relationship and loyalty of your employees, must of course be a plan of established career that allows them to move to within the company occupying different positions which will be which precisely allow you to develop different skills therefore greater ability of solution to situations presented. But without a doubt is that know which is the vision of your company so they know where they are going, it is important that if there is a dream which pursues the company all have it clear and make things happen i.e.

when in reality a group pursues an end the universe conspires to make things happen Conclusion when you dream of setting up your own business and make history with a great idea that It will be possible if you give a different meaning to as they pass the years, decades and even more beyond of when your die continue living your company with the same essence that was created, but if you must be aware that the key is the mission and this should include growth of all its membersYou must be sure that the attitude is that transforms. Source: James C. Collins and Jerry i. Porras.

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