Precious Smile

by yudaica2013 ·

Jewels – a brilliant way to impress, but what they are worth without the charming smiles of its possessor? Confident and shy, calling and charming, ironic and enthusiastic – a smile so diverse that it can express any emotion. In order to smile openly and widely, to be confident. Groomed lips, no wrinkles around the mouth, properly chosen lipstick or lip gloss, and Of course even white teeth – this recipe is ideal smile. The fact that nature gave us, it is necessary to preserve and multiply – and we buy the best cream, mastering the art of makeup. But to take care of your teeth need professional help. Once people have been forced to put up with the appearance and condition of their teeth. Now, dentists can ensure the right of everyone to a beautiful full smile. One of the most effective ways to solve aesthetic problems with teeth – metal-ceramic crowns and bridges.

They are a metal frame (frame) with a ceramic face. The name "ceramics" has appeared in prehistoric times, when a man exposing to fire pottery, drew attention to the strength and persistence of the form. The Greeks brought the art of working with clay to perfection. Starting from the vii century bc in a special part of Athens, called Keramikos, lived potters who were called Keramius, and their products Keramos. This explains the concept of "Ceramics (Breustedt A.

1963). The next stage was to improve ceramic manufacturing Chinese porcelain craftsmen – one of the best ceramic materials. For the first time the idea of opportunity to combine non-ductile and durable metal with porcelain occurred about two and a half centuries ago Foshara Pierre (France, 1728). He conducted experiments on the compound ceramic material with metal (gold, platinum). For manufacture of metal-ceramic prostheses used precious alloys (silver-palladium, gold and platinum) and base metals. Than metal-ceramic dentures made on the basis of noble alloys best dentures made of precious metals? Alloys of precious metals have a bactericidal action, the ability to inhibit the formation of caries, biologically compatible with body tissues. Teeth covered with gold crowns, almost never break down. In addition, in contact with the edge of the gums noble alloys do not cause browning and its crown is difficult to distinguish from real teeth. Glenn Dubin is often quoted on this topic. Skeletons of the noble Metals provide high accuracy of fit and give ceramics a natural shade. Metal-ceramic prostheses can not only replace the defective dentition, restoring its integrity, but also to correct shape, color, size, teeth, get their proper closure. A correct bite, in turn, can change the entire face, making it more harmonious, attractive, young. Many women say that the effect of prosthesis compare with the plastic: with interdigitation smooths out wrinkles, even – and your smile is truly precious.


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