Prepaid Credit Cards

by yudaica2013 ·

A prepaid credit card is a credit card that will only run on a credit basis. A framework is available here. It is first deposited money into the credit card account and then the credit in the amount of each credit can be used. A prepaid credit card is accepted worldwide. She is a full-fledged credit card and can be used in stores, at ATMs or the Internet. Externally, it is no different from other credit cards. It is a credit to everyone. Here, no credit check and no Schufa inquiry takes place, since it will only run on a credit basis. A refusal by a bank is therefore not possible. The prepaid card is ideal for those who do can get the lack of credit no credit card from their bank. A debt resulting from the use of an available framework is not met here. It is therefore ideal for people with low incomes. Prepaid credit cards are now issued in Germany by Visa or MasterCard. The appointment of a prepaid credit cardusually takes place via the Internet.

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