Programming Objective

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The main objective of this phase is the construction of the software system, with focus in the development and management of components and other resources of the system and in the control of operations, similar to optimize the profits, programming and the quality. It is in the phase of Construction that most of codification occurs. Phase of Transistion: It is the phase with objective of delivery of software to the final user and the phase of tests and corrections on the basis of feedbacks of the user. The objective of this phase is to disponibilizar the system, becoming it available and understood for the final user through activities that include the training of the final users, tests of the version beta of the system, aiming at to guarantee that software possesss the adequate and acceptable level of qualidade.DisciplinasUma discipline it is a set of activities related to an area of important interest in all the project. The main objective of the grouping of activities in you discipline is to help to understand the project from a perspective in cascade traditional.

For example, generally it is more common to execute definitive activities of requirements in direct coordination with the activities of analysis and design. The separation of these activities in you discipline distinct facilitates the understanding, but it makes it difficult the programming. Modeling business-oriented: We define the architecture business-oriented as an organized set of elements with transparent relationships ones with the others that, together, all form one definite one for the corresponding functionality. The elements represent the organizacional and mannering structure of a system and show to abstractions of the main processes and structures of the business. In this phase the Organization chart of the organization is created of the processes, the elaboration of the structural vision of the organization, the culture of the same one, as well as the development of abilities of the team and in the definition of the mechanisms and standards and to be applied.


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