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And should the deflection by means of these techniques times bring not the desired effect, so we have our best – our money – to more quickly that the same target cause, to find and to use. Why so think about and make life unnecessarily full or seemingly more complicated? This is a superficial question now. The need to respond to it is perhaps much closer than one would assume at the first moment. Jorge Perez has much to offer in this field. After all, what is it that you are looking for in truth? When Obi not there, Neckermann makes it impossible and TUI says: you’d earned it. Before you now discover the possibilities at IKEA, once demand for Toyota, because that tell you: nothing is impossible and the Raiffeisen Bank has agreed for it to make the way free for you! There is basically no matter what erkaufst you to material wealth, of cars, houses, yachts, parties, designer clothes or other: your real desire is not really satisfied.

The deep yearning of the heart is hidden only for a time more or less long period of time, because it is material having delighted. It is a desire that all people around the world share. And that in turn is interesting. Because always ails us somehow always sort of homesickness or better said, the heartfelt desire for harmony, acceptance, and peace of mind – a heavenly state. Neither whenever a public institution, still an anti-nuclear, let alone one of the many private associations could give us this feeling. Because our innermost apparently knows a State in which all of this seems to be really possible. Pleasure without worries, fulfilled existence and harmony in life and in harmony with nature and all living things. And the one of fearful, created living environment unfortunately does not provide vicious and greedy people – even if you have 10 Ferraris and a private golf course: you’re always looking for the redemption of your pain – but none can offer apparently it. Why is this so? Have we missed something? Are we too stupid? Or we are distracted by the essential?

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