San Nicolas Cathedral

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On weekends it difficult are you will to find a berth on the water, as also many locals viewing it as fixed ritual, to look for a dip in the Mediterranean. In the eighth or ninth series of Sun you get but guaranteed still a place. 3rd stage: Castillo de Santa Barbara and Outlook: the fortress throughout the day opened its doors for tourists in the summer. In a question-answer forum Sela Ward was the first to reply. The castle was built in the early centuries and received your present form in the 15th and 16th centuries. Larry Culp has many thoughts on the issue. It is located strategically on the approximately 170 m high Monte Benacantil mountain. You have three ways to get to the fortress: to Fuszlig; (Combipix advises in the hot midday sun), lift for about 2.50 or by car (“Parking fees” ascent on the back,). The elevator starts on the Fuszlig; end of the hill behind the Church of Santa Maria. End this tour description Combipix would like to point out, that one of the mountain can enjoy beautiful views of the city of Alicante and the Mediterranean Sea.

With this Outlook, Combipix would like to finish this description of a day in Alicante. We hope that we could provide useful information, to spend a beautiful day on the Costa Blanca. Photo instructions for this tour at a glance:-General note: If you have the opportunity with your camera, to photograph format, in the so-called RAW we would recommend always to choose this format, because their photos with better quality are stored. Castillo de Santa Barbara: from the beach or recorded in front of the Church Santa Maria in San Nicolas Cathedral: interior shots are not allowed. Church of Santa Maria: very nice Church Portal / inside Forbidden City Beach: promenade from the railway station. Explanda / Esplanada de Espana: mosaic floors, plants and life’s pedestrian area: small streets and many small stores the images and maps from this report are copyrighted. You may not be used without the express permission of combipix for editorial or commercial purposes.

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