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UDELAR Fair Park Parque Tecnologico tecnologico “Technology Parks in America emerged in the 1950s, the desire of universities, industry and governments to create large industrial complexes (Tecnopolis) business high technology. In Europe, were born in the sixties, with the prototypes of “Cambridge” in the UK and “Sophia Antipolis, France. The hatched Technology Park in Spain since 1980, to promote growth industrial (increased employment and production), attracting high tech companies into areas or regions that enjoy preferential terms. Ultimately, this infrastructure is intended to serve industrial development center hatch where small and medium enterprises, technologically innovative. A variant science parks, primarily engaged in promoting and strengthening the creation of companies born in the university, the product of the union of categories of researchers and companies that are installed in these parks attracted by the technological capabilities of a university next. According to the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE), a science and technology park is a project, usually associated with a physical space that meets the following characteristics: 1 – Maintain formal and operational relations with the universities, research and other institutions of higher education. 2 – is designed to encourage the formation and growth of knowledge-based businesses and other organizations belonging to high value added services sector, normally resident in the park itself 3 – has a body stable management that promotes technology transfer and promote innovation among businesses and organizations using the park. In recent years the science and technology parks have experienced a considerable growth in all its activities for promotion of land for the establishment of enterprises high technology. Besides, his work done in the transfer of technology between universities and business remains very important. ” Source International fairs “International fairs are an important marketing tool, a large shop window and a major communications medium. . The fairs have a spring advertising sales and strategy. An exhibition is a technical sales support, a preferred presentation medium to a large number of potential customers over a period of time and a designated area.

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