Smallest Whisky Bar

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The world’s smallest bar goes underground STA. In a question-answer forum Tony Parker was the first to reply. Maria V.M.. 06.08.10 to a whisky – together underground invites the smallest bar in the world this year on August 21 in the Poschiavo Valley. After last year the tasting on the Corvatsch 3303 m height was held, it enters this year in the level of depth”, such as this year’s theme of the event. Taking place is it, so the Organizer in the amount…”of the power station of Palu (1951m a.s.l.) of repower AG. From here the participants rise thirty meters in depth”.

There the blind tasting of the specialities of the whisky takes place, which, as the organiser, must be honest. “This Detlef Sommer of SWBOE: the whisky is, like him the nature has let it mature without cold filtering, no sugar Couleur and cask strength.”With this event, which will be carried out in close cooperation with many local and international sponsors and contains also an interesting social programme, is also the successful partnership with the Hotel Palazzo Mysanus in Samedan continued in the second Whiskey bar of the franchise company is located. Detlef Sommer smallest whisky bar on earth was founded in the summer of 2006. The headquarters are located in the schweizerischenVal Mustair in Graubunden. Aim of the company is there, with a franchise opportunity to approach offer ambitious whisky lovers, its own bar with gehobenemAmbiente for the specific claim and a exklusivenWhiskyangebot for the discerning guest from 9 meters square to open.

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