Soul Mate

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When psychotropic drugs become addiction trapped melting Hutter village – if people with mental disorders for help contact a doctor, to take professional help, it is unfortunately common, that they too quickly be sedated with tablets. Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund believe that doctors finally understand should learn that it is not always a solution, turn off people with mental disorders with tablets. Instead of people to assume and that give them, what they need most: love and understanding – they are often only with tablets sedated and mental checkmate. Their problems and feelings are however not solved suppressed only. Most are their problems in deeper layers of the soul and are therefore not by a few talks to solve – but yet they are solvable: when we are closer and more intense dealing with these people, if we do them with understanding and love. Because this is the basis for overcoming mental suffering. Both However to point out that there are also mental diseases and cases where tablets are necessary.

Sylvia Poth, who speaks from experience, says: you should not just shut down people like a machine and numb their thoughts and feelings. I can say that I’ve lost by the noise of the tablets, a doctor prescribed me, five years of my life. This time was very bad for me. Only through the love of my family, I have managed to escape this hell. I had to learn to make me my past and my problems and process my rape.” Jessica Hund says: when I was at the lowest point of my life, I was trapped in anxiety and depression, from which I alone saw no way out. As I me but turned to an outpatient clinic, I was referred to a psychiatrist, who prescribed me antidepressants and calming tablets. But after various tablets to me were tried out, I realized that the drugs hurt me more than used, and I put them on their own down. If you not really would have forced up the tablets me, I would have not even touched her.

I have overcome ultimately my anxiety and depression over the course of a very difficult relationship, because I’ve grown internally very at that time by the big partnership problems. So life has made strong me. But without the support and the help of my friend Sylvia Poth I could never cope with all this. She stood by me in my difficult time steadfastly the side and really helped with their conversations.” Sylvia Poth performs: Jessica now stands with both feet firmly in life and is so established that it is one of my best employees and a good writer. In their example, you can see that even without tablets, it is possible to overcome his fears and depression, if it turns them and his side has people who assist a. I can only say that people must move closer together. The company isolated- This is our main problem. The love back to grow among people. Many mentally ill people are just isolated and have experienced no love in her life.” Sylvia Poth / Jessica dog

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