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Meanwhile, many women do not even realize what a stunning effect can give entry into the role of the "blondes". One of my client after the training "Women power," she decided to try the image of the blonde, so to speak, in practice. And in the most pure, uncomplicated way. Woman drives a car long ago, well versed in the art. She arrived at the gas station, went to employee and, clapping her eyelashes innocently said, "Help me, please, I do not remember where to put the pistol." Then she admitted: "It is expected that would look at me like a fool, and will be sent to hell." However, the effect was totally unexpected. Around it gathered almost half of the men present there! And the car refueled, and entertained with talk, and even invited for a coffee.

Allow yourself sometimes be serious. In response to mad sentence break in the "burning" a diving tour or to make love on the roof at least once dashingly Wave a hand, "Come on! And what kind of life! "Men in the shower to old age are the boys – gambling, adoring "Show off" … And women? Women on the contrary, often pose as rigorous "uchilok." So what gives? Remember the story of Malvina and Pinocchio? "To teach your pauchat better" – said Pinocchio, and escaped from the beauty of the blue hair through the window closet. If a woman is at heart a child, a girl with bows – the man next to her good and comfortable.

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