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Subject: statement of the question, objective or summary of the document being transmitted. Data Transmission: elements that identify and control the documents transmitted by fax. Recipient: natural or legal person to whom it may concern the fax. Space horizontal distance of writing. Signature: heading the official requesting the transfer. Logo: emblem that identifies a corporation or company. Message: contents of a brief communication. Name: name that identifies a corporation or company. Sender: natural or legal person sending the fax. Line the vertical distance of writing. DATA TRANSMISSION Any document sent by facsimile should be preceded by a sheet with data transmission. The transmission data to be printed are: Company name and logo, or one of the two. City and country of the sender. Sender’s phone number. Sender’s fax number. Sender ID. Date. Fax control number (optional). Details of the recipient.Name and position of the company. Recipient’s fax number. City and country of destination. Sender.Name and position of the company. Subject or message. Number of pages transmitted including this. Signature of requesting the transfer. MARGINS The margins top, bottom, left and right of the sheet with the data transmission shall be of 1 cm. QUALITY REPRODUCTION: For good quality playback, transmitting documents must be legible (no smudges or shelf).Besides the reductions should be avoided and the fonts very small, because they affect the sharpness of the fax. VERIFICATION OF TRANSMISSION: In the event of difficulties in sending or receiving the fax must be informed about them by other means, such as telex or telephone to verify and correct the fax transmission problems.

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