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The date of ovulation to be pregnant is fundamental once we made the decision to conceive. In order to know when you can be pregnant he is indispensable to know your body, the landlord of menstruation and the precise moment in that it happens the ovulation. There is an interval of days in which they increase the probabilities of embarazarte. The duration of a cycle of regular menstruation is of 28 days, but in few occasions your body fulfills this landlord. Of all ways as of the first day of menstruation, accounts 14 days forwards.

That is the day in which you must be ovulating, that is the ideal day to be pregnant. An ovary releases a mature, ready ovum monthly to be fertilized. This ovum has a period of life of 12 to 24 hours before beginning to degenerate itself. The most common method of knowing with exactitude the ideal moment for embarazarte is the count. It prepares a calendar where you can mark your date of period freely. Since the menstrual cycle is of 28 days but the month brings between 30 and 31 days, then starting off of day of menstruation forwards counts 14 days and with an approximated date of your next period, accounts backwards of 12 to 16 days. This will give a margin you of about 5 to 6 days where the probabilities of obtaining a pregnancy increase.

In these days they do not have to fail the sexual encounter with your pair. It remembers that indeed the task is that to realise daily finally to manage to be pregnant. Much confusion between knowing exists if a woman can or not being pregnant after the ovulation. It remembers that the period of life of the ovum the spermatozoon is very short but, as long as is in favorable conditions as in the uterus and the tubes it can survive up to 3 days. Reason why yes, it could be fertilized but by very few hours. It knows your body and how to calculate the date of ovulation to be pregnant but mainly you do not leave it anxiety ends your inner peace. The psychic state in which you are, will influence definitively in the operation of your body. If you want to be pregnant of natural form within 60 days, without concerning your age, you do Click Here.


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