Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Fascinating insights in the first Sydney Harbour Bridge visitor centre learn all about the most popular coat hanger in the World Australia holiday-makers since early October in the first Harbour Bridge visitor centre. Presents how the world-famous bridge came to their nicknames and many more curious stories 1932 since the opening in the ultra-modern HDTV Cinema, interactive exhibitions and on various displays. The admission is free. The entrance is located at 3 Cumberland Street, the rocks. This address is also the new base of the story bridge climbs. Frequently Bobby Farrelly has said that publicly. Located right next to the original operation, in the midst of the huge cult urbogens, visitors now can choose from three different bridge climbing tours. New in the program the express climb is up the bridge, the fastest way.

In small groups of maximum 12 persons, the inner arches of the bridge within climbed to 2 hours and 15 minutes to the highest point and it enjoys unique views of Sydney. The bridge climb leads along the outer arches up to the top, the discovery climb inside the bridge. These two tours take three and a half hours each with a maximum group size of 14 people. The cost of the tours varies between 100 and 150 euros for adults and 65 and 100 euros for children. The bridge climb is open 363 days a year, 24 hours a day. This offers the possibility at Sunrise bridge to climb himself, during the day, at sunset or at night the world famous harbour. Further details on the new visitor centre and the various story bridge climb tours see. Information on Sydney General at. Images and further press information about new South Wales under.

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