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Group School

by yudaica2013 ·

You sometimes felt that things don’t go as you want and you say to yourself and to others: what bad luck I have? It is possible that to happen you occasionally with isolated events, but today I want to show you with an own example how you can change this bad luck when it comes to the pursuit of goals that you really want to achieve (this is closely related to your business over the internet). From age 5, I sang in the choir of my school and remained there until I finished high school. I’m not going to deny, I had moments for which I wanted to leave me at all costs (especially in my adolescence), but for various reasons I stayed. My school has a tradition of organizing the Group of musicians, singers and body & dance representing it in intercollegiate competitions of bagpipes (music traditional holiday in my country) for all record. Enter in that select group was really a dream for me.I audicione when I was 16 and had 2 years ahead for I graduated. On that occasion I managed to advance to the final round, and there I was told that he had not been selected to be one of the three singers.

The following year (my last school) auditions and this time violvi yes I was selected and turned a dream that had and really enjoyed it enormously. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. In addition, that year were able to get first place in 8 of 11 competitions in which we participate (the Group actually sounded sooo good. After this experience, a few months later, were major auditions for reality shows of singers in my country on 2 television channels. Don’t feel like I missed to attend both. In the first, asked us to minors to make a separate line of adults (I was 17). We spent all day there so after audition tell us that none went to the program by the age and to go another day at another audition for a children’s program.