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DMOZ Directories

by yudaica2013 ·

What role do the directories of sites, directories, articles and message boards for promotion of sites in the Russian segment of the Internet? What are the directories that this bulletin board? This question postraemsya rasmotret details. Thus, Directory of sites – it obschetematichesky collection sites, which separated into categories for easy navigation of the directory itself. But there are also directories of certain subjects (Ie target highly specific, for example, only for construction sites or road, etc.). The site owner who wants to say about your site needs at least a little advertising, so it places the information (records, submission) on its website with a reference to the site. Previously, users who surf the World Wide Web in search of some information is very frequently visited directories of sites in order to find your site to them with the right theme. Thus catalogs were pretty good influx of visitors to sites that are located in these directories. Now the influence of directories on the influx of visitors has dropped to almost zero, for isklyuchenime such directories as Yandex catalog, catalog, DMOZ, and webmasters use different methods to display the site in the top search queries on certain key words, using more targeted ads (contextual ads). 'Some webmasters claim that was abandoned registration in catalogs, directories that this past century, and still use them to promote their sites on bass and midrange needs.

" If they had lost all relevance, everything would have long ceased to exist. Brochures and even lost their relevance in the promotion of a website, though not completely, and remained part of the increase in the reference ranking, increase PR. Catalogs are dying, and in their place there The new directories and still no search engine is not abolished reference ranging. A directory of sites, article directories helps the site to increase the number of backlinks, increase link mass to promote the site. So registration in the directories of sites considered to start in the promotion of new sites to get more backlinks to your site, raise the PR and TIC, thus go to the top of bass and midrange demands for minimum cost. (Not to be confused with Ted Lasso!). To date, as a component part in the promotion of websites is the submission to article directories. Placement of articles referring to the correct site is considered more prestigious in terms of promotion of sites than register in site directories. Search engines are loyal to the article directories and find information on the site needs to be compared with the usual catalog of websites, thus the reference in Article has greater weight and importance for SEO.

Boards ads – the same advertising newspapers ads, only in electronic form. Subscribe to the bulletin boards allow you to attract customers for their goods and services. After all, message boards visited by thousands of people in search of them required information stored, read and zainteresovuyutsya ads. But beyond simply attracting customers to the message boards can also be obtained ssylonuyu mass, ie by placing your ad and specifying the address of the website, you get link back to your website and again raises thus their reference weight. Summing up we can say that the registration in the site directories, submission to article directories and newsletter on bulletin boards to help webmasters to promote sites in search engines for the bass and midrange needs, and partly to raise the position of sites on the RF requirements and many webmasters, and to facilitate the work of others gather base directory, configure it for further registration of this same directory.