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Confidential document destruction: confidential document Destruction: Every day the privacy of the data of the clients is something that takes to more importance within the treatment company-client. But also every day the volume of information is greater that the companies handle their day to day and that owns a problem of physical location that is due to solve in altars to the correct operation of the organization. And every day it is necessary to have much more well-taken care of with the confidential document destruction since we see facts that confirms that constantly many companies take this subject lightly appearing confidential data in any sweepings container, whereupon it is stated that the carelessness in this point in many organizations is brutal. Thus we were with the company/signature echo-shredder that have specialized in the destruction completely of documents or confidential data of the clients and/or proveed0res. In fact they have specialized in the confidential document destruction immediate in the same place of origin of documents. It as much makes its reconstruction impossible as the recovery or recognition of any information contained in documents.

And all this realises under one complete reliability and confidentiality. Initially they make sure of those who are the people who will have access to the information to which she is added to him that all the personnel of echo-Shredder has signed a confidentiality agreement on the different characteristics from the works carried out. We speak of this company that began to walk in 2005, echo-Shredder is born with the clear intention to serve exclusive and from maximum confidentiality and security in the process of destruction of documentation. The main body of its activity in situ constitutes the guarantee of confidentiality in the trazabilidad in the process of handling and document elimination and archives of confidential way and. Hear other arguments on the topic with Eva Andersson-Dubin. All the services that echo-Shredder offers to its clients own a common denominator: to diminish the risks during the manipulation process and confidential elimination of information.