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Communist Party

by yudaica2013 ·

It is puzzling and a lot of questions when printed 23,000 absentee ballots (in the past election was 4000). Why? For what purpose? Intelligible explanation because no one has given. Although this issue was on the agenda at Churov, chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia. Let's ask ourselves, why all NEED An absentee certificate in a particular town, where the distance between the polling station less than a mile. The conclusion suggests itself! This is a "political naperstnichestvo" is already beginning to tire.

Third, The quantity, quality and focus of the election "waste" is some skepticism. Nothing new, creative, induces no. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tony Parker. As always, dirt, chernukha, crude forgery of newspapers and flyers for their opponents of deja-vu all. These forms and methods of propaganda work, we have brought voters to the point of complete passivity. Do not trust anyone and anything at all. Public opinion polls – too much proof of that. Although there are interesting exceptions.

Since the measurements of the Center for Public Opinion Studies Institute of Social and Political Communication willing to come to the polls more than 60% of Tambov. And for a few days before the election with his choice not defined more than 40% of voters expressing intent to vote. It is symptomatic and suggests that campaigns that have worked the party, had faded, incomprehensible and emotionally impersonal. The output of the nature of the parties I made the following: 1. Communist Party has once again missed the chance, lack of system, lack of character will not allow it, perhaps, to more than one representative on the single-mandate and two or three people on party lists. 2. In the Liberal Democratic Party has neither the power nor the will to resist the dominant party, and looking back equivoque in their direction, the lack of its line in the election campaign (although the potential to spend some of their single-mandate is) would not allow her to have more than two or three people in the Duma (I am more inclined to two). 3. Just Russia – an obvious spoiler dominant party with a regional touch. I doubt that transcend seven-percent barrier. At a certain organizational zeal of the party leadership in Tambov and "understanding" of some leaders of one man single-mandate, perhaps, will be held. But the authority of the voters it will not increase. 4. United Russia, as before, only on the administrative horse. But this may soon end. Confidence limit is inexorably coming to an end. This is symptomatic. The measurements of the Center for Public Opinion Studies Institute social and political communication preferences of Tambov was as follows: Field study the Communist Party – Liberal Democratic Party 13.4% – 9.7% United Russia – 36.7%, Fair Russia – 7.3% Internet survey Communist Party – Liberal Democratic Party 30.3% – 14.1% United Russia – 21.3% Fair Russia – 4.5% spread is evident, but he understood. Different audiences – different socio-demographic profile, although there is material to the findings. What is the new Duma will be whether she could cope with the tasks and whether it will generally solve the problem, responding to the challenges of the future will show. It is sad.