The Final Battle

by yudaica2013 ·

Persephone goes flying to the Pillar that Atlas was destroying. Kratos manages to cling to Persephone to reach him. After a fierce battle against Persephone, Kratos gets through with the Gauntlet of Zeus and hands chained to the ceiling of the Titan Atlas to hold the world. Before leaving, Atlas tells you that the Olympics did not help. Kratos replies that will serve faithfully. Atlas ends the conversation saying that to be seen again.
Atlas always will hold the world on his shoulders, a punishment worse than Zeus imposed on the other Titans. This is how Kratos, return the sun to the sky, Morpheus retired to the shadows. Finally, Kratos is thrown from the carriage, knocking him unconscious on the highest mountain of all Greece, as two gods Athena and Helios removed the seal and the Gauntlet. Kratos pays a high price for even the Ghost of Sparta.

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