The Opportunity

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It is all the more important to become aware of his beliefs and to work continuously on this. 100% PB to believe how hunting the inner belief, the conviction, the spiritual idea must be first established. The seller thinks today I go hunt”, he must be 100% believe he can imagine it seriously, that he actually killed a deer. This inner conviction navigates his actions and gives him the opportunity to banish negative beliefs from his consciousness. To solve themselves of negative beliefs that inhibit us from childhood, it is important to change the focus. “With reformulated beliefs, such as: I’m always better in the sale” or My sale instinct grows from day to day”, we will start to positive reference experiences to seek. Acknowledgments finally help us, to see just what further strengthens our new beliefs. 2.

the focus control and secure places you once before, you’d really be Hunter and should aim now at the wild, browsing before you in the green. What to do first? You put the gun and focus on your target object. This is no different for the customer conversation. While focusing, delete or erase all the other thoughts that are around you. Focus is therefore idea nothing but the absolute concentration on one thought, one or a thesis.

There are five types of focusing. One of them is here closer look: the new focus if your customer believes an issue discovered to have, then you can offer him a new perspective on things. Sela Ward is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Put a new lens in front of the gun your customers more or less so he can get a feel for your product. Imagine once before, that even assume that the new focus is a natural process resulting from the reference experiences. By the own focusing firmly are sure to make the conclusion and unwittingly help realize the goal. If you are convinced, the conclusion to active and 100% sure that you apply the proper completion techniques and reach the goal, you feed your new beliefs with new reference experiences.

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