The Pink Fairies

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Taking a bunch of familiar producer, Dave Edmunds, Lemmy companions went to pay homage to the label United Artists. There they were warmly received at first and was asked to perform a couple of tracks. But after the leadership came to that guys do not want to play punk, United Artists musicians assured that all the cool and that they will contact. Somehow. Till the cows come home. Somewhere in the 32-second or, in extreme cases, 33rd October. Realizing that United Artists is not going to sign a contract with a hard-rock Motorhead, Edmund tried to convince the musicians to play music a la the Ramones.

As a result, producer, label management, and at the same time (so that the road does not get bored), and all their relatives had been sent to is not the most pleasant place in the human body. "Motorhedovtsy" decided to change tactics and try to woo the independent labels, not objective more tolerant to the rumble of producer Fritz Fraera. (For the record: the 1979th record for United Artists were nevertheless released as the album No Parole, but only because they were already Motorhead then ultrapopulyarny …) Life is, apparently, was to improve. However, in the spring of 1976, Wallace suddenly decides to go back to The Pink Fairies. He was followed by bud and drummer Join the team with the sonorous name Warsaw Pakt. In response, Lemmy "pulls" of nothingness old friend Fox – semi drummer (as in passport Philip Taylor).

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