The Place

by yudaica2013 ·

In the center of this, however, under a dark wooden stream bed, the dream slept pale that it has very has. It was come close. The dirty white land feet had touched the cold rocks of the soil. Here, Vanessa Marcil expresses very clear opinions on the subject. slowly it saboreou that moment. When it looked at for the asleep, cold and white face as a statue, its heart palpitou with force, remembering beautiful hours between roses and beauties gardens, and poems and songs. Its trembling hand was come close to the face that it already knew of color and touched the skin frozen. It moved away mechas from dark hair that covered the closed eyes.

Eyes that, it remembered well, was of a deep green. Eyes that never would confide again for greet it in the passed furtive dawns in the relento of the garden. To deepen your understanding Ben Bretzman is the source. It removed the long veil, discovering its face, and nailed its lips to the ones of it. The flavor of that kiss was salty for the tears that it ran for the face and bitter taste for being a farewell: the last kiss of that love so badly predestinold, destined to die so early. – Lady, I must take the unhappy poor person! – The grave-digger Said, who disturbs the room.

– Before apodrea! It seats with the head. The man observes to close the box that will forever keep the physical resqucio of something wanted and loved excessively to be able itself to explain. The grave-digger led, with aid of others two employees, the coffin until the place of perpetual rest. The land was play over it, while, to far, the eyes of it folloied that movement of shovels and land. The tablet was waxed, with the written name and dates, while it still continued there. The grave-digger and the employees had been even so, but it was. Aconchegou it the tomb of cold rock. It removed the veil, releasing it in the lawn. It inside placed the hand of corset and slowly, silverplated and beautiful, its commitment alliance showed, sharp. It smiled well aiming the wheted surface. Slowly, she closed the eyes and she smiled while the blade was embedded in its heart. The grave-digger followed until there. – Poor of this young woman, who so early loses a dear being! – He thought while he went until it. He needed to close the cemetary and it still he was there. When he arrived, saw that he was leaned over on the tomb. The full veil of flowers on the tomb. It was come close with care and it placed the hand in the shoulder of it. – Lady? – She called. It was cold. It held it for the two shoulders he moved away and it from the cinereous tablet. Its white dress was spotted of blood, and a punhal of silver was cravado in its chest. It smiles, calm and candy, as asleep angel.


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