The Point

by yudaica2013 ·

For the second half of the test, promedie 8.7% of calories from fat. Adjusted my calories from fat down was made easier as the test progressed. Exercise during the test I had both strength and resistance increments. I continued doing light aerobic and strength during testing training, and saw profits of force in all muscle groups. Also I noticed on several occasions that my aerobic exercises seemed easier than usual, as if my heart was beating at a lower frequency while the heart rate monitor showed that the rate remained the same. The biggest improvement occurred in my muscular endurance. On day 3 I could do 27 push-ups.

On day 7 I could do 31, and in the 24th did 36 push-ups, setting a new personal record so far in my life. Those were the only moments where I did push-ups during this test, and didn’t do many chest exercises at that time. Without a doubt, this is a very unusual improvement for me. Improvements in muscular endurance with diet raw vegan helped me to accelerate my strength gains because I could move to bigger more quickly pesos and I managed to do more repetitions with those weights. The weights that I cost to hold for 2-3 repetitions, could keep them up to 7-10 repetitions in just a week.

The weights were still looking just as heavy, but my muscles not surrendered so quickly. That really surprised me. I remember not having some type of muscle pain during this test. I sometimes have muscle aches when I turn to larger weights, but this time there was none of that. In addition, while he lifted weights, he felt no great pain when I approached the point where my muscles were to pay. Sometimes, the acid that builds up in my muscles in the exercises gives me intense headaches until my muscles reach the point of failure.

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