The Security Of Hotmail

by yudaica2013 ·

To begin writing about the safety of the mails, we must begin to compare what the company or service that has received many more vulnerabilities to their customers, and drawing away which more attacks and computer dangers that are discovered on a daily basis is the hotmail service e-mail that compared to its direct competitor Gmail from owned by Google, is quite large the differences, this is due to many reasons. One of the many reasons that Gmail outperforms in computer security and E-mail service, Hotmail is because from the outset Gmail care of users to trust in service more than thousands of people use it, earn the respect for Google is more important in that use your product immediately, instead only hotmail was concerned that his service was the most used in the world, if you put in a balance their Spam filters, the Hotmail leaves still leaves to be desired, but we must recognize that if it has improved a lot, but still not reached the levels of security that has Google’s Gmail, another relevant point is the service annoying advertising of Hotmail, in which even reported cases of phishing, as step sometime ago. Related Group is a great source of information. Hotmail has been dedicated for years to give more importance to its messaging service to your e-mail, this being the most important chain of protection to users, because with our email accounts, we signed on social networks, websites of banks, pages of games, we have our personal data and also things very intimate in peopleexpect that all this change with the passage of time, and Hotmail someday pass to Google’s service, whether in security, capacity and comfort. Original author and source of the article.. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sean Rad.

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