The Size

by yudaica2013 ·

On the other hand, if you have a very active player defending the big blind rule out the letters of my rank lower default and perhaps eliminate the lower suites connectors. Even here I will have to discern how the meeting has evolved and what factors the metagame (if any) relevant to the situation. I never multitabling above $ 30 / $ 60 because I find too hard to make my game properly random against solid players. This is one of the foundations of the Limit: patterns of action to destroy your opponents (if possible) and Conceal? mine. Despite what I just said, the aggressive nature of the blinds in the higher limits of limit means that, basically, your rank can not increase beyond a certain point. The level of 3bet the small blind and big make that much of your range is not profitable in these situations. A reduction in the default range to something like 35% of the hands is a good line to work with.

Post-flop strategies and styles of play will impact rivals greatly the size of your range on the button. Basically there is no other choice than to work hard here, which implies to analyze how well you play certain hands in certain situations against certain types of opponents. This takes considerable time working on your entire default range to determine where lines are weak against certain players play aggressive, but the work will be more than rewarded. Another factor that greatly impact your default range is the button that is entirely dependent on the level.


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