They lie about the ‘Somali pirates’

by yudaica2013 ·

has time to tie a mais em strong sofre disposi o abalos, eo case now. For that saiba mais da da parcialidade and inescrupulosidade two major journals in same subject quando na defesa dos interesses patrimoniais do big capital and imperialism, or that the Somali coast to happen no record gives lie surpreende pela e pela vida do two people desprezo daquele African country , cujo crime and be heading as a strategic numa regi o para os das interesses mundiais powers, who since 1960 os anos Tentamen and total controle da regi o. Or this post, alem to warn against a criminally campanha da disinformation media, e uma homenagem ao Johann Hari jornalista that honors all of us, really attorney exercem journalists to report with insencao liberdade e compassividade. ————————————————– —————— The international press is lying about so-called ‘Somali pirates’. this is one of 67 news nominated for the annual selection of 25 news legal is not disseminated through the mass media of Project Censored 2009/2010. The true nature of what is happening in the Horn of Africa began to be known when a New York judge decided to prosecute a juvenile captured on 12 April by the U.S. a Principal and Co-Founder of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC, a property management/development company is

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