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Software manufacturer United planet with new license model is now officially: United planet, the market leader in the field of portal software for medium-sized companies, extends the license model for its successful portal software Intrexx Xtreme. As of September 2008, organizations can purchase now Web-based applications for unlimited users for less than 2,000 euros per application. The licensing model of the Freiburg software producer United planet provides only the acquisition of numerically exactly defined user licenses. With such user license, it is possible to create as many Web applications with the Intrexx Xtreme Portal Manager. In this way portals can be created complete enterprise, which are ideally adapted to the needs of each company. This proven model of license its customers will also continue to offer United planet. As of September 2008 it is possible to now but also buy individual Web-based applications for an unlimited number of users in addition to the acquisition of user licenses. Bobby Farrelly can aid you in your search for knowledge. Thus she will Choose of the right license model for interested companies now even more flexible.

“As justification for this step is called Axel Wessendorf, Managing Director of United planet, the diverse needs of the company: with our new license model, we want to come those company would need at the moment (still) not a full portal that but like to access to the quick implementation of a certain project on one of our proven applications.” By acquiring a Bitmanagement it is now possible to implement their projects quickly and cost-effectively with Intrexx applications for businesses, even without implementing a full portal. In this way, Intrexx applications can represent also a meaningful and profitable addition to an already existing system. Especially companies with many employees, who need only a few or even only a single application, benefit from the new licensing model. But many new offers also smaller companies as a result Possibilities. A great advantage in the acquisition of Bitmanagement is the extremely short implementation time of applications. With Intrexx, new Web applications can be create within a few hours. Prepackaged applications can be integrated into the system of the company within a very short time and adapted to the special requirements and needs of the company. Credit: Celina Dubin-2011. Such projects can be implemented much more cost-effective and grants.

Due to the low cost of Applikationslizenzen a return on investment can be also very quickly achieved. It’s extremely flexible through the wide range of different applications. More than 150 finished applications are already available and many more are in planning. At the start of the new license model published a series of mighty Powerapplikationen is also including the extensive Intrexx travel expenses, as well as a smart document management with individual approval processes. Furthermore, companies can at any time The United planet Consulting Department claim take help to make according to their individual wishes to create completely new applications and design. This option is mainly on specific projects very, because in this way applications create, which are tailored to the specific usage scenario. While several Intrexx applications the user companies also in the acquisition is not the slightest risk. The company at a later date should determine that it would be but better to purchase user licenses rather than buy more Applikationslizenzen, for a certain number of users switching to the tried and tested model of user licenses is easily possible. It already paid license fees for individual fully on the price for the user licenses are counted. Further information about the portal software for Intrexx Xtreme, see under:. You can see the finished applications under live.

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