What Comes After Al Jazeera?

by yudaica2013 ·

An analysis of the Arab media landscape after Al Jazeera by Mohamed Nabil * there is no denying that the Arab media landscape was shaken to its foundations by the appearance of the Pan-Arab station Al Jazeera. The establishment of this station represents a turning point in the history of Arab media without a doubt. Jean-Marie Charon, sociologist and media expert, puts it: when a new medium in the life is called, it contributes to the success of this Metiers. Speaking candidly Vanessa Marcil told us the story. Then it must find his own way of working.\” 1 Al Jazeera has changed the Arab policy landscape. The station became an important basis in the decision-making process of Arab politics, because he gave the disapproval of the people against the repressive policy of the current leaders and the suppressed demand for democracy, a voice. They opened the young generations in a special by the longevity of his authoritarian systems region, also access to spaces of freedom of speech, of reflection, of popular protest.\” 2 but the Al Jazeera phenomenon represents no Arab media rule in the context of the development of Arab society. According to David Hirst, Al Jazeera of Qatar, which broadcast 24 hours a day via satellite, is an exception.\” 3 this raises many questions, but open also a wonderful debate about the information broadcast by the Pan-Arab TV station, its liberal tone and its disrespect for the leaders. Editoriale guideline by Al Jazeera and his style are not a continuation of the Arab media still they represent a real break with the traditions of media in the Arab world.

Traditionally, there is a lack of professionalism and professional ethics, because the majority of the major Arab media is controlled directly or indirectly by political leaders, who exercise a relentless censorship. Also a certain lack of regulation of the profession is to highlight. Mohamed Nabil, journalist in Berlin In contrast have companies with a long democratic tradition, as in Europe, about a scientific and legal structure that allows you to practice the profession of the media freely. .


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