With friends like these … With amiguillos like these …

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What’s behind Facebook Tom Hodgkinson The Guardian – Monday, January 14, 2008 Facebook has 59 million users and two million more is joined each week. Starting tomorrow, February 11, who enters the site from a Castilian-speaking country, you’ll see by default in Castilian.What is Facebook, and who is behind it Tom Hodgkinson did an investigative report for the British daily The Guardian, and this is the interesting and revealing results. The enthusiasm of the U.S. intelligence community for high tech innovation after 11-S and the creation of In-Q-Tal, its venture capital fund, in 1999 were anachronistically linked to this article. As the 11-S occurred in 2001, could not have caused the foundation of In-Q-Tal, two years earlier. I despise Facebook. His enormously successful American business describes itself as a social utility that connects you with people around . But I resist it.Why would I need a computer to connect with the people around me on this earth of God Why should my relationships to mediate a gang of supercretinos in California What is wrong with the bar “Facebook really connect people Do not disconnect us more than we connected, by merely sending the cyberspace ungrammatical notes and amusing photos, as we were chained to the desk instead of doing something enjoyable such as talking, eating, dancing and drinking with friends A friend told me recently that Facebook passed in a Saturday night home alone and drinking at the desk. That sad image. Far from connecting us, Facebook actually isolates us on in our workplaces. Facebook also feeds a kind of vanity and conceit in us. If I hang a picture of me on the list of my favorite things, I can build an artificial representation of who I am to get sex or approval ( I like Facebook “, I said another friend, I managed to get laid ).It also encourages competitiveness between friendship disturbing, it seems that with friends today quality counts for nothing and quantity is king. The more friends you have, the better you are. You are popular in the sense that like American high schools. As proof, the cover of the new magazine from Dennis Publishing Facebook: How to fold your buddy list . It seems, however, I am very alone in my hostility. At the time of writing, Facebook claims to have 59 million active users, including seven million in the United Kingdom, the third largest customer after the U.S. and Canada. That is, 59 million suckers, all of which have information on his identity card and consumer preferences to an American company who do not know at all. Right now two million more are joining every week. With the current rate of growth, Facebook would have more than 200 million active users by next year this time.I even predict that this growth rate will accelerate over the coming months. As says spokesman Chris Hughes is inherent spread to where it is difficult to get rid of him . All this would be enough to make me reject Facebook for ever. But there are more reasons to hate. Many more. Facebook is a well-financed, and the people who finance it, a group of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, is very much devoid of any ideology, yearning to spread around the world.

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