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The aim of the competition is to promote the developed business ideas as well as the development of an ecologically, economically and socially significant market together with the participants and actively to shape the future of electric vehicles. Students and Young Professionals proven economic inventiveness and submitted a wide range of different business ideas. The top nine teams were in the semi-finals on July 04, 2013 in the Urania e.V. in Berlin their interim presentations before a prestigious jury made up of senior representatives of the automotive and energy industries, as well as the TU Dresden before. Aaron Rogers has firm opinions on the matter. A competent team of experts for the development of the business model from the outset was the competition participants and staff of the Chair for communications in the formation process of the business concepts to the page. The final four teams qualified for the team of experts supported the finalists both in terms of content and methodical feedback, rhetoric and presentation tips.

So, the teams were prepared optimally for their appearance in front of the jury. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Betty Reynolds. The four finalists were given the chance to fight for the victory with a final presentation of your business plan before the jury on November 28. Dr. Cosmas Asam (BMW AG, head of Department of M & A, cooperation, economics, transport and environment) and others were part of the jury, Christian Heep (Chief Marketing and Acting Managing Director of the Association of eMobilitat e.V.), Alexander Holst (Accenture GmbH, Managing Director sustainability services roof) and Prof. Dr. Andreas knee (Managing Director, Innovation Center for mobility and social change (InnoZ) GmbH) on. The mood on the prize was a panel discussion on the topic of Electromobility is true entrepreneurial spirit”instead. Under the moderation of Alexander Accenture Holst, discussed Secretary of State Hartmut Fiedler of the Saxon State Ministry of economy, work and traffic and members of the jury include the following aspects: Under what conditions can a motor of economic growth be electric mobility? What are the challenges for politics, economy and environment? Where is Germany in an international comparison? How can innovative business models to promote electric mobility? Hartmut Fiedler Secretary of State emphasized in this context: the showcase projects live from innovative fresh ideas and the will to open up with these ideas of new markets.

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