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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PAPER MITH HELLO LUCIANA LEON THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO LOAD IN THE ARTICLE … THIS FAIR … AS ANNEX … millll GRACIASSS! BILLS BILL 165/06 “Act creating the National Highway Traffic Safety System” Filed: 12/09/06 – articulate for road safety actions to be developed at different levels of government. -This is the Regional Councils and Municipal Road Safety. -Establishes the obligation of Regional and Local Governments to adopt its Plan Regional and Local Road Safety in line with the National Plan. – Favorable opinion of the Transport Committee 12.06.07 – Prioritized for discussion by the Committee on Transport 662-2008 crafted 09.02.09 879/06 of the Act which promotes entry into the Congress of Young Parliamentarians “Filed: 16/01/06 – It will enable young people between 25 and 30 years, covering at least 20 of the total number of congressional candidates by political grouping.- In study by the Committee on Constitution and Regulations of the Congress of the Republic. 934/07 “Law aims to provide the rotation for the participation of youth in the lists of provincial and municipal aldermen” Filed: 29/01/07 – Establish the alternation to ensure young people entering the Municipal Councils. – That the young people will take one in three places on the lists of candidates for council members to complete at least 20 share of the total. – Opinion FAVOR. Majority Approved by the Commission on Decentralization, Regionalization, local governments on 06.12.07.- From 23.09.08, is on the agenda for debate in the House of Congress 1272/07 “Law promotes Youth Work Training” Presented: 10/05/07 – Ensure that businesses train their workers with the deduction of income tax up to a ceiling of 7 of total business expenses – to PLEASE opinion, approved by a majority in the Committee on Economy, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence 06.11.07 – From on 23.09.08. On the agenda was set priority for discussion at the plenary session of Congress. 1310/07 “Law for Promotion of Software Industry” Presented: 17/05/07 – Promotes the software industry providing tax benefits. – Declares of national interest and development investment in the software industry. – Under consideration by the Committee on Economy since 23.05.07. 1313/07 Act amending art. 1 of the Law 28,226.Filed: 17/05/07 – promotes the formalization of interprovincial transport of passengers and cargo giving up on July 31, 2010, the benefit of return equivalent to 20 of the ISC that is part of the selling price of diesel oil 2. – In accordance Economics Committee of the Board of 09.09.08. 1488/07 Act which promotes the entry of the top 10 students in the Public Administration “Filed: 06/08/07 – promote meritocracy to renew the state apparatus with young professionals. – Gives the top 10 students of universities, an additional percentage of 20 for public tenders to undertake the Public Administration. – Favorable opinion adopted by the Education Commission at the meeting from 07 April this year. – Has been given priority for debate in the House by the Com. of Education. – Favorable opinion adopted by the Decentralization Commission at the meeting of Act that promotes the creation of the State Guarantee Fund for the financing of university studies “Filed: 27/09/07 – It will enable young people make poor college through loans guaranteed by the State, which shall be paid one year after completion of the race, with low interest rates with a term of 15 years. – Under consideration by the Committee on Education and the Budget Committee. 1691/07 “Framework Law for the Promotion of cycling as a sustainable mode of transport” Presented: 10/10/07 – Proposes promote bicycling as alternative meansof transport, thereby reducing environmental pollution. -Declares September 22 as National Day without a car. – Favorable opinion of the Com.02.04.09 Transport – In the plenary agenda for discussion Wednesday 06.05.09 1697/07 Act that promotes renewal of the national vehicle fleet through access to popular car “Presented: 10/10/07 – Search contribute to the renewal of vehicle fleet, with the decrease in car prices. – Under consideration by the Transport Committee since 19.10.07 1939/07 “Law governing the special scheme for the gradual reduction and renewal of vehicle fleet. Filed: 05/12/07 – Promotes the improvement of conditions of competitiveness of freight service.

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