Business Department

by yudaica2013 ·

Develops marketing mechanisms and policies in all areas of the hotel to have a higher income. A group of people that make up a task force whose mission is to define the business strategy in order to optimize sales and resulting production of the Hotel (the search for higher returns). The Commercial Department is headed by the Commercial Director, who is the head of the company on commercial terms and that will be responsible for: – setting prices according to different seasons. (Try to avoid seasonality with seasonal adjustment policies arising in an occupation more and more divided) – recruit and train the sales team (Sales Executive). The Business Dir available to your business a variety of sales techniques that used properly, will help significantly to achieving the objectives set out by Directorate and Management.- To negotiate and sign cooperation agreements and contracts with travel agencies, Tour Operators, (Incentive Travel), etc … – Go to different trade shows, conferences or other gathering. The commercial team has the mission to promote the brand it represents, seeking to expand its business portfolio with the potential customers you get to know during the Fair, Congress, etc. .. Fairs (eg Fitur) are the ideal setting for attracting new customers for the loyalty of existing and also to study and evaluate the various policies of competing companies. – Image Design Company corprativa (Logo / Slogans, etc. ..) Once devised the “brand” is responsible for its positioning in the tourism market, carrying out studies Competition, which will help us know the status market in which we wish to introduce and outline our strategy furura.Should be carried out an SWOT analysis, in order to discover our virtues / strengths / opportunities and our weaknesses / threats. Because of the typological range of hotels, it is necessary to conduct a market segmentation, in order to define the type of customer we want for our establishment. Thus, you can do difrentes types of promotions appropriate to the type of customer (eg Hotel Hotel Business Travel unfit for End of Course)

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