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The rubble was for the Filling the runway used had to be built into the sea, so that also jets in Gibraltar can land. The steep turns in the launching and landing are an exciting experience for some air passengers. The famous St. Michael’s caves were discovered during the fortification work in the second world war. Now, concerts, theatrical performances and dance evenings are held in this fantastic world of stalactites and underground lakes. Without hesitation Jorge Perez explained all about the problem. Not far away, the legendary Barbary macaques of Gibraltar, the only wild monkeys in Europe, of which the popularly reported England will remain in Gibraltar, as there are still wild monkeys live. As scary decreased their numbers during the second world war, issued no less than Winston Churchill ordered to maintain the existence of the monkeys. Supposedly there is no monkey shortage today on the rock of Gibraltar, but it doesn’t look as the inhabitants of Gibraltar wanted to rely solely on the monkeys.

The geography of Gibraltar speaks for Spain, but not the ethnicity of Residents. Because most of them are pure Spanish birth. When nearly 300 years ago, the English and Dutch came to Gibraltar, the Spanish population on the Mainland withdrew. Gibraltar British soldiers settled, including many veterans, but also Indians, Maltese, Portuguese and Jewish merchants from Morocco. The strongest population growth came from Genoa, Italy, which suffered from the Napoleonic wars. Some bank employees, police officer, and administrative officials, which freaks out the visitors to Gibraltar, is of Genoese descent. The official and common language is a dialect-tinted English.

The various ethnic groups and religious communities have tolerated well through the centuries. Residents of Gibraltar are British citizens. London has declared the colony to a British overseas territory. As a result of the colonial status of Gibraltar has not changed course. The parties engage in the Westminsterstil under a British Governor. The Cabinet is led by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo. Within the framework of a broad autonomy Gibraltar even managed, only defense and Foreign Affairs are determined in Whitehall. An interesting destination this Gibraltar. More information is available at Mittelmeerkreuzfahrten24. Heino Tegeler

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