Ernest Hemingway

by yudaica2013 ·

The Obama visit, genre great expectation and was world news in all media, but this repercutira to tourism in Granada, hotels in Granada, veran augmented its occupation. At the moment already nobody more talks about the Obama visit to Granada. I hope so, that many Americans come and from anywhere in the world, to help us overcome the Crisis. Likewise, of the hotel in Malaga, which I was pending in the news to find out that hotel had been and now I no longer remember, I suppose that if there will be Segudores the Obama, but it will be few, and that not repercutira significantly in tourism in Spain, as if Ernest Hemingway did. Notable already if the attraction of Granada is spectacular, with tourism regularly throughout the year, from the Alhambra of Granada, which already is the monument most visited of Spain. The Alhambra, so named because its reddish walls, located high in the al – Sabika Hill, in the left margin of the Darro River, East of the city, opposite the neighborhoods of the Albaicin and the Alcazaba.

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